Cécile De Las Candelas grabs and diverts words, images and texts around us and stages them on her paintings

Her artistic technique is Mixed Media: Acrylic paint, Chinese ink, Posca, various collages and varnishes.

She brings together the paintings of Modigliani, Picasso, Hopper, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Jover with contemporary artists. She sometimes reference street art.

Oscar Wilde, Churchill, Bob Marley, Nietzche, Kery James, Victor Hugo, Lao Tseu, Jean Claude Van Damme and many more respond to each other through her paintings.

Cécile’s commitment to women’s struggles and the right to human dignity is evident throughout her years of artistic practice. The sacred feminine is present in her creativity.

Her inspiration takes its source in her daily life. She meets a lot of people during her travels or at her exhibitions. Creating bonds with individuals is important to her.

Cecile was born in Paris in 1968. She is a self-taught painter. Her artistic signature is the name of her Spanish grandmother; it means “candle”.

Cécile De Las Candelas painter. Biography.

” I wish through my artistic work to challenge the danger of single thought, the fear of the other, to encourage benevolence. Humor is one of the bases of my creativity. This quirky humor is defined as wit (English humor).

The city is a place with a lot of energy. The pace and the way we are formatted to looks at things is such that we no longer see what is around us. Many people suffer from loneliness.

On my paintings the characters are not alone, they brush against each other, they respond to each other without looking at each other. My paintings are imbued with my vision of the urban.

We have to (re) learn to take care of ourselves.”

“Asking whether penguins have knees isn’t an existential question; but certain questions need to be asked. We must consciously choose our Humanity and who we want to be. We are responsible for our choices”